Thanks from your winner, Mark

Wow, what an event! Two weeks of answering your questions and chatting to you certainly did send my head spinning, in a good way.

Thank you to all those that voted. I am very proud to have won, although at first I couldn’t quite believe it.

The prize money will be put towards refurbishing a demonstration rig that can be taken out to STEM events… Coming to an event near you perhaps…

I’ve never taken part in an event like this before so in the run up I did get worried about what I had let myself in for! As it turns out I needn’t have worried, the moderators kept everything moving smoothly, the other engineers — Cathy, Jaz, Roma, and Rory — provided a fantastic insight into their jobs and you, the students asking all sorts of things. All the students that took part, you really made this event special! By the end of the two weeks my colleagues were all fascinated by what I was up to and spent time looking over my shoulder whilst I was in the live chats. I’ll be encouraging them to sign up for the next installment of I’m an Engineer!

I hope that by taking part you have learnt some new things and found that a career in engineering may be of interest to you. I hope I didn’t put any of you off at the very least, despite all the talk of how disgusting sewers can be!

Thanks again for taking part!

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